Traffic Stopper

Dieta with three tennis balls

She just keeps fetching

I have had a fair number of incidents where people stop and look at Dieta.  Pretty much every time we go out somebody has a comment.  Dieta of course could care less unless they look like they might have a treat.  Most of the time it is somebody on foot we talk to, but every week or she manages to stop somebody in a car as well.

Today however I think she bested herself.  We were on our way down to the dog park to play fetch and ignore other dogs.  At one of the intersections we stopped, got positioned on the corner and looked around before continuing, good thing as a VPD cruiser was coming up the street with lights on, no siren.  Naturally we waited, however much to my surprise the cruiser came to a stop, looked at us and motioned us across.  Apparently Weimeraners trump police with lights on.

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